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The event starts with an incantation. There are performances by artists, musicians, writers and poets, coming together in a global sound meditation. Audiences from around the world are invited to take part. Everyone is welcome on this sonic journey to share and reflect in community.

The Ummah Chroma’s Terence Nance and Marc Thomas, Erin Wile, Burniss Earl, John & Debi Medeski, Pat Surdam & Maryn Azoff from Cura Cura and Tribe of Love (from USA), Lauri Faggioni (from Mexico), Yannick Hiwat, Nevill Mitchell Martins, Unorthadox & Eni-less, Eve Bion, Lisette Ma Neza (from Rotterdam), The Nest (from Kenya), Nash Caldera (from Curaçao) and Johny Pitts (from the UK).


Please have a candle, lighter or matches and water ready to participate in the blessings. This program will be recorded and might be publicly used afterwards. We are looking forward to sharing this space together with you.

20:00 – 22:00



G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children was made possible thanks to the generous support of:

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Marina Otero Verzier (Director of Research), Katía Truijen (Senior Researcher)
The Ummah Chroma
Lauri Faggioni
Erin WIle
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht