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Hub Tones, Jenn Nkiru (9 min)

Through Hub Tones, Kamasi Washington hopes to connect with his ancestors, merging Freddie Hubbard with African rhythms. Jenn Nkiru visually communicates her ecstatic connection in this hypnotic work. The visual reference point for the video comes from Nkiru's parents' Ikwerre tribe. In their Oboni ceremony, they channel the spirit through repetition, instrumentation and movement, going deeper with each tone until it becomes transcendent. Nkiru gives the women in the video the choreography and codes to also go deeper into that spirit-space.

Black to Techno, Jenn Nkiru (20 min)

Techno, a futuristic sound falling into the legacy of Black music, but not often celebrated as such. Featuring cameos from Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Detroit and Berlin. Techno falls into the legacy of Black music, but is not often celebrated as such. Through a visually rich collage of intersecting narratives, Nkiru asserts Techno as a philosophical, sonic and anthropological gesture: a model for overcoming alienation and undoing oppositions, a cosmic archaeology exploring and excavating the layers bound within this unique sound. Also see Masterclass: Jenn Nkiru.

Random Acts of Flyness: They Won’t Go When I Go (Director’s Cut), Terence Nance (54 min)

Random Acts of Flyness is a late-night series exploring evergreen cultural idioms such as patriarchy, white supremacy and sensuality from a new, thought-provoking perspective. In the director's cut of Episode 6 of Random Acts of Flyness, a woman stays awake too long; a waitress contemplates uploading her consciousness to the cloud amid warnings of an impending hurricane; and after Najja has her demons exorcised, her jealousy tries to talk its way back into her life.

Guisado on Sunset, Terence Nance (4 min)

Missed connection regret at that one late-night spot. The kind you keep playing back in your head but not quite ever remembering right, until it starts to look like something else. Guisado on Sunset was designed by Nance to be seen on a phone and to be distributed via text message. See also Masterclass: Terence Nance.

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