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What does it mean to move together in rhythms of endurance; to feel your body resonate with the collective being; in one space with countless histories; with one voice but many languages; as one figure with multiple lives? The workshop will bring together participants from a range of backgrounds who identify as PoC to experiment and discuss. "We invite you to come dance and exchange the forms of movement and performance that resonate with you, as we explore our connections across the diaspora."

The workshop is led by architect and theorist Dele Adeyemo and is an opportunity to collectively rehearse the chant he conceived and that will feature in the opening performance of G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children, a ritual space by The Ummah Chroma collective, on January 25 at 19:00 at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Due to limited capacity please RSVP via Moetoesingi Schmidt:


19:30 – 22:00

Gallery 1, Het Nieuwe Instituut


Invitation only.

Participation free of charge.

G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children was made possible thanks to the generous support of:

Het Nieuwe Instituut
The Ummah Chroma
Marina Otero Verzier (Director of Research), Katía Truijen (Senior Researcher)
Lauri Faggioni
Erin WIle
Maud Vervenne
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht