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SHE, the Black Female Body - Sheree Lenting

The black female body, away from the exotifying gaze. The black female body, in all its glory, power and strength: SHE. Drawing on the spoken word, strong imagery, culture and history, SHE is an interdisciplinary manifesto which challenges the perceptions of the black female body and empowers those women who possess it to see their own true beauty. “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” - Maya Angelou

SHE, the Black Female Body is a film by Sheree Lenting, The Netherlands, 2018, 5 min, English.

15:30 – 17:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


To join the event at Het Nieuwe Instituut, please make a reservation. The event is free, but the organisers kindly ask that you make a donation to Nederland wordt beter (NL) or Black Lives Matter (USA). 

About the makers

The Ummah Chroma

Members of The Ummah Chroma are cinematographer Bradford Young (the first African-American cinematographer to be nominated for an Academy Award, for Arrival), directors Terence Nance (HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness) and Jenn Nkiru (Frieze and Gucci commissioned film Black to Techno, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s APESHIT), editor Marc Thomas (Black America Again) and award-winning artist, composer and producer Kamasi Washington. Their first work, in collaboration with Lauri Faggioni (production designer, Michael Gondry's The Science of Sleep, Dave Chapelle’s Block Party) and Erin Wile (creative producer), is the short film AS TOLD TO G/D THYSELF, that premiered at Sundance Festival this year and was received with wide acclaim.

Johny Pitts

Johny Pitts is the curator of the online journal, a platform dedicated to the Afro-European diaspora. In his book, Afropean: Notes from Black Europe, he shares a powerful personal story of exploring Black experience in various European cities.

As a writer, photographer and broadcast journalist, Johny has contributed to The Guardian, The New Statesman and The New York Times, among other publications. As a TV presenter, he has appeared on MTV, the BBC and ITV1. He recently wrote and presented a BBC Radio 4 documentary exploring Black identity through the music of his African American father, who was a member of the UK Northern Soul group The Fantastics.

Afropean: Notes from Black Europe won the Jhalak Prize 2020 and is shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Award 2020. In addition, Johnny has received a number of awards for his work exploring African-European identity, including a Decibel Penguin Prize, a European Network Against Racism (ENAR) award and a Society of Authors Travelling Grant.



Sheree Lenting

Sheree Lanting is a choreographer whose work takes hip hop as its starting point. She also teaches art education and dance and is an organiser, adviser and programme maker for various institutions and theatres.
For the next two years, she will continue to develop as a choreographer and artistic director of MOM within the Nieuwe Makersregeling programme of The Performing Arts Fund NL. She will research into the origins and development of (West) African dance and hip hop as part of her research project, The Revolution of Black Dance, What Came Before HipHop? in collaboration with local and international coaches. As part of this initiative, she will make two multidisciplinary productions.



G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children was made possible thanks to the generous support of:

Het Nieuwe Instituut
The Ummah Chroma
Marina Otero Verzier (Director of Research), Katía Truijen (Senior Researcher)
Lauri Faggioni
Erin WIle
Maud Vervenne
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht